Sean’s Show Series 2

Sean’s Show Series 2
Sean’s Show
Series Two

The second series of Sean’s Show has never been officially released, so I’m uploading it myself. They should stay here, assuming no-one makes us take them down…
Series One is available on DVD and on Channel 4’s 4OD service, see below.

Series 2 Episode 1
Fear Itself

Series 2 Episode 2
I’m Watching

Series 2 Episode 3
Don’t Eat Meat

Series 2 Episode 4
Tea With Agatha

Series 2 Episode 5
Great Socks

Series 2 Episode 6

Series 2 Episode 7

Series One

Here’s the entire first series of Sean’s Show. it was put up by Channel 4 themselves on their 4OD site, so we can’t embed them here, but all the links below will take you to the videos.
It seems they’re not available in certain places overseas, either – sorry about that. Complain to C4, not me. You can also pick up the Series 1 DVD here. Click here to go back