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The Detainees

John Palmer had never ventured far from the narrow-minded small town near Dublin where he was born and the cracks in his psyche are beginning to show despite his material success.

But it is when John's childhood tormentor, Red, returns with a desire to rekindle a relationship with John's wife, that he decides to take control with a comprehensive, meticulous act of revenge that no one could forsee or ever forget.


It's What He Would've Wanted

The Hicksons are a comfortable Blairite family.

The sons, Shea and George, return home on Boxing Day to find their father, a minor celebrity TV weatherman, hanging from the light-fittings.

This novel dissects and mutilates traditional family values.


The Grey Area

The Grey Area develops the theme of Sean Hughes' previous bestseller, Sean's Book, with a mixture of poems, short stories and autobiographical pieces, containing wry observations about everything from God to the National Lottery.


Sean's Book

A collection of Sean Hughes's wry, funny and poignant thoughts on life.

It contains serious poetry, light-hearted short stories and existing journalism.
It also gives tips on writing books, including how to write a classic, a travel book, an airport novel and, not least, a comedy classic.

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