I'll be adding loads of stuff from the archive to these pages, they'll turn up below!

So far, there's "Sean's Shorts" & both series of "Sean's Show" (the first series via 4OD's youtube channel) , you can also pick up the DVD of it here.
Series 2 of Sean's Show was never released officially, but I've uploaded it, and you can watch it for free on my youtube channel.

I've released 3 DVDs of my standup, and one old VHS back in the day. I've put that one ("Live & Seriously Funny") up on youtube, so you can watch that there for free.

The rest of them are still available on DVD - you can get my 2007 standup show, "The Right Side Of Wrong", here.
A DVD of my 2012 / 2013 standup show, "Life Becomes Noises" is available exclusively from GoFasterStripe - you can get that here.
A DVD of my 2013 / 2014 standup show, "Penguins" is also out through GoFasterStripe, and you can get that here.

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